Discovering Latin America Film Festival


2nd September, 2014

Schedule Dates for 23/11/2007

Film Title Venue Time
Central station (Central do Brasil) Odeon Panton Street 14:00
Crossing a shadow (Una sombra al frente) Odeon Panton Street 20:00
Drained (O cheiro do ralo) Odeon Panton Street 18:30
Fabricating Tom Zé (Fabricando Tom Zé) Odeon Covent Garden 23:10
J.C. Chávez + Q&A Ritzy 20:00
Secuestro express Odeon Covent Garden 23:10
SHORT: Lapsus Odeon Covent Garden 23:10
SHORT: The little cotton girl (A menina do algodão) Odeon Covent Garden 23:10
Who killed the white llama? (Quien mató la llamita blanca?) Odeon Panton Street 16:00

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