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Discovering Latin America


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DLA Highlights 


21-30 Mar 2012

DLAFF is pleased to present two remarkable Latin American films - Even the Rain & Raising Resistance - in association with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. Details HERE.


20 Oct 2011

DLA and the Embassy of Peru held exclusive screenings of ‘Cooking Up Dreams’ and the London premiere of 'MISTURA, the power of food'. Proceeds supported Kiya Survivors' work in Peru.


Welcome to Discovering Latin America

Discovering Latin America is a charitable organisation, which seeks to improve the livelihood of marginalised people in Latin America, by sharing culture, arts and creativity from the region with diverse audiences worldwide.

At the present time, we operate in the UK, Brazil and Spain, raising funds to finance development projects in the countries of Latin America by presenting a wide range of cultural events and educational activities.

We are actively contributing to the transformation of Latin America; we envisage a better and more unified region free of poverty, illiteracy, sickness, distress and inequality. Find out more about Discovering Latin America.

Discovering Latin America 10th Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce the 10th Discovering Latin America Film Festival will take place this year in November 2014. We'll be posting regular news and updates on our site - stay tuned!

Grant Giving 2014

We can now announce that the project DLAFF will support this year is Casa Alianza-Guatemala, helping girls who have been victims of trafficking.

Latest Events

Rhythms Nights presents Cumbia featuring Totó La Momposina


To begin the programme for 2009, Rhythms is organising a series of events focused on Cumbia.

Sidelined by the domination of Salsa, Cumbia has now captured a new generation of listeners and to set out our stall, Rhythms presents no less than Totó La Momposina who is widely recognised as the queen of Cumbia and Afro-Colombian music. Find out more…